Butler Automotive Repair
"the Butler every automobile deserves"

"the BUTLER every automobile deserves!" 

About Kenny and Butler Automotive Repair

In 1996 the shop originally began as Butler Street Automotive in Marietta and in April 2009, God showed them it was time for a change.  The end result was relocating to Powder Springs and renaming the business Butler Automotive Repair. (Not too much of a name change, huh? ) Walking by faith, they have been shown that this is where they are meant to be. Butler Automotive Repair has been so blessed to see that a large majority of the customers are making the drive to the new shop. Several have even commented that no matter how far away they go, they will follow.  That should tell you a lot about Kenny and the trust he builds with his customers.

When he started out at a young age working at various dealerships, he saw uneccesary repairs and overpricing being pushed upon unsuspecting customers.  He was always bothered by the dishonesty and when he opened up his own shop, he promised he would never give in to that type of shady practice just to try and get rich off of people.  He understands what its like to struggle and truly wants to offer a competitive and honest alternative to overpriced dealerships. 

Kenny is well known and loved by many for his charm, spontaneous humor and down to earth attitude all encased by his true desire to always want to help others.  Butler Automotive Repair prides itself on giving the customer what they deserve; honest, dependable and reliable service. So many of his customers have been coming to him for years knowing that he is not out to rob them blind or sell a service that isn't required. 

Come on out and see the difference for yourself. Butler Automotive Repair will win you over and keep you coming back year after year.

Powder Springs Day Parade Oct 5, 2013

Family Day on the Ocoee River

Kenny has a passion for the Fords; I guess its because he really loves his 1964 Ford Galaxie 500.  Can you tell?

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